university of the trees

University of the Trees is a global participatory framework – online and on the ground – recognising different kinds of thinking and knowledge, and prioritising experiential knowing.

The University of the Trees depends on the growth of groups in different regions of the world.

It can develop wherever there are trees and a group of people wanting to create a ’space‘ for exploring, discussing, reflecting and acting on issues related to trees, to how we live in the world, and to shaping a humane, ecologically conscious and viable society based on mutuality and interconnectedness.

We describe it as a ‚parallel process‘ project. Joseph Beuys used this phrase to describe processes that extend beyond linear logic and integrate different forms of knowing and communicating.

The ethos section outlines the ideas and perspectives that underlie the University of the Trees project.
All the different groups share a commitment to these principles and ideas.

The how it works section outlines for prospective groups and individuals what the project offers and involves.

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