The secret life of plants

“The secret life of plants” is perhaps the best way to start learning about life.

It’s a beautiful documentary but it is quite long which is sad for the valuable point it makes.
I cant think of anything that could be more important.

Quelle: YouTube

Das grüne Haus von Delhi

Quelle: “Dilli, Dilli” ARD

Die Luftverschmutzung in der indischen Millionenstadt Neu-Delhi ist so stark wie fast nirgendwo sonst auf der Welt. Trotzdem gibt es mitten im Stadtzentrum eine Oase frischer Luft – und zwar nicht in einem Park, sondern in einem Bürohaus. Jürgen Osterhage stellt das “grüne Haus von Delhi” vor.

Von Jürgen Osterhage, ARD Neu-Delhi

Weiter Informationen zu den Pflanzen der “NASA Clean Air Study” auf Zone 10:

NASA Clean Air Study

How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air – TED 2009

The Free Farm

Check out our visit to the Free Farm right outside downtown San Francisco. This place is amazing! They grow tons of food right in the city and then give it away for free at the Free Farm Stand…no money involved whatsoever. A really amazing way to help feed people who need it most.